2008 Book Selections

Abuelita Book Image

Abuelita Full of LifeAbuelita Full of Life is a bilingual English/Spanish picture book about Jose, a young boy who must adjust to the arrival of his grandmother from Mexico. Jose has to change his ways, by making more space for her, speaking Spanish to her, and listening to her music at times. But he discovers that he doesn’t mind the changes at all, for his Abuelita is astoundingly full of life.

Clancy the Courageous Cow

Clancy the Courageous CowClancy is a Belted Galloway born beltless. Teased by the others, he tries various methods of blending in, but all fail. The Belted Galloway community itself is the victim of a harsh fate; each year they miss out on the grazing rights to the rich grass because they cannot defeat the Herefords in the annual cow-wrestling competition. When Clancy realizes that, under the protection of his all-black hide, he can sneak into the Herefords’ field at night, he grazes and becomes stronger. More importantly, he befriends Helga, an all-brown Hereford. She, too, has known the sting of rejection. When Clancy finally defeats a Hereford, and the Belted Galloways prepare to take over the rich grazing field, Clancy and Helga call for an end to the discrimination. “I say we pull down the fence and be cows together.” And they all lived happily ever after.

Get Busy Beaver

Get Busy BeaverThelonious isn’t like the other beavers. He’s a little different. While Ma, Pa, and Babs Beaver hurry, hurry, hurry to make their dam bigger, bigger, bigger, Thelonious is busy with a project of his own — a creation so beautiful that it changes everything. And soon all the beavers in Thelonious’s pond join him, as they take a moment to stop and smell the flowers.


Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out QueenFor as long as she could remember, Jackie Mitchell’s father had told Jackie she could be good at whatever she wanted, as long as she worked at it. Jackie worked at baseball. She worked hard. And before long Jackie could outplay anyone in her neighborhood — even the boys.
She had one pitch — a wicked, dropping curve ball. But no seventeen-year-old girl could pitch against Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. It was unthinkable. Then on April 2, 1931, the New York Yankees stopped in Tennessee for an exhibition game against the Chattanooga Lookouts. And on that day Jackie Mitchell made baseball history. Marissa Moss tells a true story of determination and heroism, a gem of baseball history sure to inspire ballplayers of all ages.

Miss Smith

Miss Smith Reads AgainZack can’t wait for school with Miss Smith—her incredible storybook promises a new expedition each time she reads. This time the class is off on a fantastic journey to a Lost World. Zack and his friends are having a wonderful time—until a Tyrannosaurus appears out of the jungle! The kids all flee to safety. But where is their beloved teacher? And where is the magic book that can take them home? Young readers will be thrilled to join Miss Smith’s escapade among the dinosaurs, brought to vivid life in Michael Garland’s trademark eye-popping, look-again art. This spellbinding tale is bursting with action, adventure, and the joyful magic of reading.

Move Over Rover

Move Over RoverIt’s pouring outside. But inside his doghouse, Rover is warm and dry. Squirrel and Raccoon want to be warm and dry, too. So do Blue Jay and Snake. And Cat and Mouse. Move over, Rover!
A rainy read-aloud romp! Building on a simple phrase, “Move over, Rover,” this repeating story offers a twist by piling various backyard animals into Rover’s doghouse during a rainstorm. The storm ends, Rover gets a chance to play, and then he retreats to his quiet doghouse, which is now empty.

Owen and Mzee

Owen and Mzee: The Language of FriendshipIn this exciting follow-up to Owen & Mzee, the New York Times bestselling story about an orphaned baby hippo named Owen and the 130-year-old giant turtle, Mzee, Craig Hatkoff explores the language of love, friendship, and nurturance that these two incredible creatures share with one another. This book traces their first year together, including their adorable playful ways and the unique “language” that they have developed.


That Rabbit Belongs To Emily BrownEmily Brown’s rabbit, Stanley, is not for sale! Not even to her Most Royal Highness Queen Gloriana the Third. Not even for all the toys Emily Brown could ever desire. When Emily still refuses to give up her precious Stanley, the Queen’s Special Commandos take drastic action. Undaunted, Emily marches to the palace to rescue Stanley and teach the Queen how to create a “real toy” of her very own.

Whales Passing

Whales PassingA young boy stands on the beach with his father. As they watch the surf, a pod of Orca whales swim by. After wondering aloud whether the whales can talk like he does, the boy then imagines the whales’ conversations, and whether they are talking about him under the bubbling waves, just as he talks about them on the land. “I bet those whales have signposts down below. An ocean mountain or a sunken ship. Maybe another whale that tells them, ‘Follow me! We’ll make a right at this white rock.’ That is, if whales can talk.” Backmatter provides facts about these magnificent animals.

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things AreMax is being so terrible that his mother sends him to his room without supper. But Max doesn’t care — he sails off to the land of the Wild Things, and they make him his king. There, Max can be as terrible as he pleases, and the Wild Things join in the rumpus. Finally, Max is tired of being wild, and yearns to go home. Marvelous pictures and the superb story combine to make this a quintessential picture book.