2010 Book Selections


Bats at the Library“The air is cool and calm and clear,” but, this night is different than all the rest—a window was left open at the library! Join these book-loving bats as they enjoy the opportunity they’ve been waiting for. This rhyming story shows us that there is a lot of fun to be had during bat night at the library.


Bear Snores OnOn a cold windy night, an itty-bitty mouse “pitter-pat, tip-toe, creep-crawls” into a sleeping bear’s cozy lair, looking for relief from the bitter winter weather. The party begins as more animals join Mouse. Will Bear sleep through it all? Or, be able to have some fun of his own?


Born to ReadSam is born to read—and read he does. In this story, with rhyming text, we follow Sam as he grows up reading about everything from bikes to saving the town from a baby giant. Readers will agree with Sam’s decree, “Readers win and winner read.”


He Came with the CouchSophie’s family has found the perfect couch, but it comes with something they never expected. This zany tale is more than a totally original adventure, it’s a tender tale of a young child’s love and acceptance and the small miracles that come with them. Silly, sweet, and hilarious good fun!


Looking for MizaThis photo essay tells the story of a baby mountain gorilla named Miza who loses her mother and gets separated from her family. Reading this true story, we learn about one of the rarest animals on Earth and how a dedicated gorilla and two caring people reunite Miza with her family.


Max’s WordsMax’s brother Benjamin collects stamps; his brother Karl collects coins. Max wants to collect something too; so, he decides to collect words. He collects big words, small words, tasty words, and favorite words. When Max’s collection grows too big for his desk he moves his words onto the floor where they begin to tell a story of their own. Wonderful illustrations tell this story and the power of words.


OliviaMeet Olivia, the star of this day-in-the-life-tale. She is good at a lot of things and is good at wearing people out, proclaims the narrator. Young and old will love Olivia’s over-the-top, high-energy zest for life, and her dreams to be a star.


Pele, King of SoccerThis bilingual book tells the story of the biggest soccer player the world has ever known. Read about—from childhood, to winning the first Brazilian World Cup and being the first soccer player to score 1,000 goals. This colorful and wonderfully illustrated story tells us why Pele is “O Rei.”


The Snail and the WhaleThis charming book reads like poetry and tells the story of a snail that longs to see the world and hitches a ride on a humpback whale. Will the snail be able to save her new friend when he swims too close to shore? Along with wonderful pictures, this book contains a message that is not to be missed.


SomedayToday this little girl is stuck being a kid, but that doesn’t stop her from wishing for someday, and she knows that when that day arrives, it’s going to be sensational. She’ll swim with dolphins, she’ll dig for dinosaur bones, or she’ll explore the South Pole—the possibilities are endless!